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The Gondoliers

The Gondoliers

Drift away along the canals of Venice with the Wolverton Gilbert and Sullivan Society, as they present for you The Gondoliers (or The King of Barataria).

This stunning production tells the hilarious story of two charming Venetian gondoliers who are informed,  that due to an error of identity when they were young, one of them is the heir to the throne of Barataria.

Delighted with the news, they agree to share the responsibilities of governing their new kingdom until  they find out which of them is which. Matters become complicated when the Duke and Duchess of Plaza Toro reveal that their beautiful daughter was married to the future king as an infant. The problem? Both gondoliers are newly married and the Duke’s daughter is already in love with her father’s attendant!

Accompanied by a live orchestra, with stunning solo performances and full chorus the Society invites you to grab a gelato, sit back and allow yourself to be transported though the amazing sounds and rhythms of 19th century Venice.

Tickets £16
Concessions £13
Children £5

Tickets from or 01908 510452

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