The Secret Keeper

The Secret Keeper

ClerkinWorks and Ovalhouse present


Co-Directed by Angela Clerkin and Lucy J Skilbeck
Designed by Nina Patel-Grainger

A fairytale for adults, with 4 actors playing 40 characters, macabre puppets, funny songs and a murderous gothic heart.

The Good Daughter wants to make her father happy. “Tell me what makes you so sad. Tell me your dark secret and I promise to keep it safe for you." He whispers in his daughter’s ear and a great weight lifts from his shoulders. Feeling jubilated, he invites the whole town to confide in his miraculous daughter. Soon everyone is flocking to The Secret Keeper. But what happens when a murderer confesses - and who is to blame for the consequences?

The Secret Keeper is an original story by Angela Clerkin, Associate Artist with Improbable and Chris Goode and Co. Made by an award-winning creative team featuring music, puppetry and fiendish storytelling.

**** “A modern fairytale in the style of the Grimm Brothers… a surprisingly sharp bite” Exeunt Magazine on ClerkinWorks’ The Bear

“Stylish… elegant… pleasingly wacky”

The Scotsman on ClerkinWorks’ The Bear

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  • Mon 23 October 7.30pm

Tickets £15

Concessions £13

Schools £11

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