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Meet the new bosses (the same as the old bosses)

Meet the new bosses (the same as the old bosses)
posted 01 Sep 2023

That's right, dear reader, as of 1st September 2023 , Stantonbury Theatre (along with our friends over at Stantonbury Leisure Centre) are now part of a private limtied company seperate from Stantonbury School! This new subsidary company will still be under the umbrella of the School's parent trust, Tove Learning Trust, but this seperation will give us some newly added freedoms which we would not have been able to operate under a School.

I am finding myself mirroring similar sentiments to one of my predessors. So to save me writing something too eerily similar and not as interesting, I'll simply paraphrase Hilary's words from 2013:

"So we are still here and a new logo doesn’t change our aim which is to provide a cracking little venue with a big heart and a programme of children's theatre, drama, entertainment and workshops, plus a wide variety of local groups performing dance, drama, music and musical theatre."

There’s a show this season for everyone; from roisterous comedy from our Stantonbury Stand-Up! and the improvised adventures in Bumper Blyton, to a more dramatic tone with some amazing dramas produced by our local theatre companies with Towards Zero, Godspell, Dracula and Jack the Ripper!
Our child-friendly Theatre4Kids programme including Comedy Club 4 Kids & The King of Nothing is perfect for the little ones this term and we finish our season off with a brilliant adaption of A Christmas Carol featuring the sixth regeneration of Doctor Who, Colin Baker and Blue Peter legend, Peter Purves before hitting our Panto season with Snow White!

Oh yes - something else! Next year, 2024 will be a Golden year for us; we are 50 years old and plan to celebrate in style with you all!
We're still in the planning stages, but rest assured, you will be thrilled to see what we have planned!