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Welcome to the Alchemysterium
© Sharamiya Walton

Welcome to the Alchemysterium

Welcome to the Alchemysterium is an exhibition of Sharamiya Walton’s works inspired by themes within alchemy, mythology and depth psychology with a focus on the union of opposites.

Like the alchemist, Sharamiya reveals the ancient mythic archetypes from the spirit embedded in matter as she connects to the collective unconscious through creation, dreams and meditation. Grounded in Jungian depth psychology, sacred geometry and religious and Eastern philosophical thought, these archetypal structures are experienced as universal and inborn. From this ancestral fountain, Sharamiya witnesses these symbols spontaneously emerge in her work and visions as the union of opposites that repeat on all dimensions and serve as a blueprint to the psychic goal of wholeness. It is the union of bird and snake as winged serpent, combining spirit and matter, with the heavenly lift of its wings and its earthbound meandering forms.
 It is the ancient symbol of the ouroboros or tail eater representing death and rebirth as the cyclic line of the drake that simultaneously devours and creates. It is the pairing of fire and water, sun and moon and the two halves of our psyche, the conscious and unconscious. This is the true nature of the alchemical gold, the lapis or philosophers stone and the elixir of life.
 With her mystical forms and celestial palettes, Sharamiya’s inter-dimensional landscapes and entities express their own consciousness as they dance elegantly in the pattern of the cosmos. You will often see feathered snakelike paths, winged spheres, dragons, portals into the unknown and the curling play of fire and water, all expressing the opposing yet harmonic symbols that reach deep into the origins of our being and the yearning to become One with ourselves and the universe.

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  • Sat 3 August - 2 September
  • Sat 3 August 7:30pm


Opening Evening: Saturday 3rd August - 7:30pm - 10pm


Please contact if you wish to visit outside of performances.

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