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Snow White

Snow White

A traditional pantomime, in a cosy theatre with professional actors.

The story of Snow White tells the tale of a beautiful princess born with skin so fair and pure that her mother named her Snow White.

After the Queen’s death, her father married a woman who was vain and wicked, and who would stand in front of a magic mirror asking who was the fairest woman in the land. The mirror always replied “My Queen, you are the fairest one of all”, until one day, an answer came that threw her into a rage – Snow White was now the fairest woman in all the land!

Snow White’s step-mother, furious at what the mirror had told her, ordered a huntsman to take her into the forest and kill her. But the huntsman felt sympathy for Snow White and let her go free.

Snow White came upon a small cottage where she lived in contentment until one day when the magic mirror told the Queen that Snow White was alive and was still the fairest of them all. The Queen disguised herself as an old woman and presented Snow White with a poisoned apple. After taking a bite of the apple, Snow White falls unconscious. The fairies, assuming she was dead, build a glass coffin and place her inside...

Will Snow White be freed from her unconscious state by the handsome Prince? Or will she be forever fated to her deep sleep?....    


Approx. Running Time: 2 Hours (including an interval)


Adults - £23.50
Concessions - £21.50
Under 16's - £17.50

Family Ticket - £66
(2 x Adult & 2 x Children)


Approx. Running Time: 2 Hours (including an interval)

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